Chef Ricardo Costa

Ricardo Costa

No one is a better teacher than Grandma. Homebody Costa continues to serve up his childhood delights

Ricardo Costa
Ricardo Costa

The Yeatman Hotel



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Ricardo Costa comes from a family of good cooks. He still regularly employs tricks of the trade that he learned from his grandmother.

BORN IN 1979, Ricardo Costa, executive chef at the Yeatman Hotel, the only Michelin starred restaurant in Porto, is considered to be one of the most creative chefs in Portugal. While training at the School of Hospitality and Tourism in Coimbra, he realised his passion truly lay with cooking – perhaps unsurprising coming from a family of good cooks. He still regularly employs tricks of the trade which he learned from his grandmother. Costa has worked in many hotels and restaurants in mainland Portugal, Madeira, Spain and England. In London, he worked as executive chef at The Portal, a Clerkenwell restaurant specialising in Portuguese gastronomy. Back home, in 2009, he received both the annual Chef of the Year award from the Portuguese magazine Wine and his first Michelin star for the Hotel Casa da Calçada in Amarante. This latter award was repeated the following year.

At the Yeatman, Costa is responsible for two kitchens and, under his lead, the Gastronomic Restaurant has earned a Michelin star in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Guides. Combining an extraordinary panorama of the River Douro with excellent food and wine, the restaurant offers a memorable and inspiring experience. Costa’s imaginative cuisine focuses on the traditional flavours of Portugal, which he reinterprets and presents with contemporary flair.  His programme of tasting menus allows guests to further discover and explore a wealth of diverse pairings or flavours and wines.

Costa is married with one daughter.