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Wines of Portugal

The Fine Art of Wine

Whatever the occasion, you need look no further than Portugal for a suitable wine. WINES OF PORTUGAL are working to spread the word.

The Fine Art of Wine

Portugal produces wines that will delight and fascinate everyone

ALTHOUGH NOT internationally well known for its table wines, favouring quality over quantity of output, Portugal boasts some 31 DOCs, with a range of produce to suit all tastes. Renowned for revealing unique and genuine flavours, Portuguese wines create unforgettable experiences for the palate. Growers and winemakers imprint their character upon their wines, and there is great scope for variation in grape variety and blends of two varieties or more. There are many facets within an individual wine that will influence the food it will be most suited to accompany: the grape variety, acidity levels, fruitiness, oak, tannin, sweetness level and intensity.

The Wines of Portugal organisation is funded by producers and leading associations and organisations across the wine industry, from production to marketing. We represent the whole of the Portuguese wine industry, including the wine trade associations and wine producers (growers, co-operatives, estates, merchants, land-owners) and our objective is to spread the word about the quality and character of Portuguese wines and to strategically position them in both home and export markets, especially those with significant growth potential. We organise trade tastings, participation in trade fairs, promotions and advertising campaigns, as well as media and trade visits to wine regions.

Portugal has an extremely long history of winemaking, and most of its wines are still made today from traditional, local varieties, most of which are found nowhere else in the world. Portugal produces wines that will delight and fascinate everyone from casual social drinkers and wine lovers to experts and wine buffs. They are also reliable wines of high quality because, without abandoning their traditions, Portuguese winemakers have managed to incorporate into their art the most modern techniques in both vineyard and cellar.

As well as organising visits to Portugal’s distinctive terroirs, terraced vineyards and quinta, Wines of Portugal are also involved in the promotion of Portuguese wines abroad, and we are currently proud to be partnering TASTE PORTUGAL 2014/15 and their programme of events, each one showcasing the very best of what Portuguese wines have to offer. With some successful and enjoyable events already behind us, we look forward to welcoming in the new year and joining the team and its guests for the exciting events still to come in the first quarter of 2015.